A heartfelt appeal: an echocardiograph probe for infants

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  • A heartfelt appeal: an echocardiograph probe for infants

Raising money


Makarios Hospital does not have an echocardiograph probe for infants.

We wish to raise as much money as we can to contribute to the purchase of this equipment, the total cost of which is 5000 euro.

Our donation will enable doctors to check the heart anatomy and function of newborn babies.


About one baby in every thousand is born with a congenital heart defect, and speedy diagnosis is essential, especially in severe cases.

One in four babies with a defect will require intervention, which is much more effective if started as soon as necessary - and possibly life-saving where there is a serious defect.

This equipment will allow doctors to identify problems immediately after birth, and begin treatment before complications may arise.


Your donations will be much appreciated! 



1Our minimum fundraising goal€500
2Additional expenses for equipment purchase€4500
Total amount requested: €5000


out of €5000

Location: Nicosia

Ends at: 01 June, 2019