Our Volunteering feature allows Social Project organizers to publically announce their volunteer needs and connect with potential volunteers. All completed volunteering work can be reported through the platform so that volunteers can receive all the acknowledgment they deserve.
Posting volunteering needs: only NGO account users are currently eligible to access this feature. Users will first need to create a Social Project page that will describe the general purpose of the related project. Once the project is created, they can access both the fundraising and volunteering tools. A Social Project may only involve volunteering or only fundraising needs or both. In either case, an approval process is necessary before the project can be made public.
Specific volunteering features include:
Expressing interest in volunteering: people interested in volunteering opportunities can browse projects of their interest and find out about available volunteering jobs. By pressing the “volunteer” button corresponding to each posted job, they will be able to submit requests to offer help. After submitting all the necessary information requested by organizers, they will wait to hear from them about the next steps. Volunteers can cancel their requests any time by visiting the Volunteering tab in their Dashboard.
Reporting completed volunteering work: once the volunteering work has been completed, organizers are advised to acknowledge the work of their volunteers by reporting the number of hours and work nature through the platform. Each user’s contribution will be reported in their dashboard and, unless otherwise specified, it will also be reported on their public profile pages.


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