Making Donations – Information for Donors.


People or organizations wishing to support social causes with direct donations have the following options:


  1. Support Social Project fundraising campaigns organized by NGOs/CSOs or public schools.
  2. Support NGOs/CSOs/public schools directly.
  3. Support social enterprises/businesses or other social impact-driven startups.
A donor can access the relevant “Donate” button on the corresponding page of each of the above causes/beneficiaries (i.e. either a Social Project page or an organization’s profile page ("Confolio").
Donation contributions by sellers can be made through Controlley’s Donation Coupon mechanism to one or more Social Projects listed on the platform.
Currently the following donation payment options are available. Donors will be able to select the payment option of their choice after they click the “Donate” button found on each of the page of the cause they want to support. One or more options will be available in each case, depending on which one(s) the beneficiary has chosen to activate.
  1. PayPal Online Payment.
    • Money will be immediately transferred from a donor’s PayPal account directly to the beneficiary’s PayPal account.
    • For donors who do not already have a PayPal account, instructions are provided of how to easily create one on the spot.
    • A small fee will be charged by PayPal in this case, deducted from the total amount donated to the beneficiary.
  2. Bank Transfer/Deposit.
    • This option involves depositing or transferring money directly to one of the beneficiary’s bank accounts provided.
    • After selecting the bank of choice, the donor will receive a unique Reference Code in order to submit when making the transfer or deposit to the selected bank account.
    • Submitting this reference code during payment will be necessary in order for the beneficiary to verify and report the transaction through the platform.
    • Controlley does not charge any fees in this case, either, but regular bank fees may apply depending on the method chosen (see more information below).