Introducing Controlley’s “Social Projects”




One of the central goals of the Controlley platform is to help bring positive social change by assisting the collaborative organization of common benefit projects and campaigns. We are particularly looking to support social innovation projects that address the root causes social problems and create long-lasting systemic social change.


We call “Social Projects” a set of online tools designed to facilitate this process. 


ELIGIBILITY: Currently only Civil Society/Non-governmental organizations as well as public schools are eligible to initiate Social Project campaigns.  


POSTING "SOCIAL PROJECT" PAGES: eligible entities will first need to register for an NGO/CSO account type, after which they will be able to complete the relevant online process and submit a request for publishing their campaign.


APPROVAL PROCESS: an approval process conducted by our staff is essential in order to verify the social nature of the projects and make sure organizers are well-prepared to carry out their projects/campaings successfully. For certain types of fundraising campaigns, an approval by local authorities may also be necessary.


DURATION: an online Social Project campaign may last for as long as needed to complete its goal, or, in the case of fundraising, for as long as allowed by the local authorities. 


FUNDRAISING MODEL: We do not require a minimum fundraising goal in order to receive any money raised. In fact, all donated money is immediately and directly transferred from the donor to the beneficiary’s account.


SUCCESS: the success of each campaign will depend on many factors including publically and transparently listing all expected project expenses, providing frequent updates about the project’s progress, and utilizing effective social media tools and strategies to spread the word out and attract people’s interest.


If a campaign’s fundraising goal is not fully met, the organizers are responsible to access additional funding from alternative sources.


FUNDRAISING METHODS: Currently we provide 3 ways of raising money:

1. Direct Donations through online PayPal payments.


2. Direct Donations through Offline bank payments.


3. Donations by sellers through Controlley’s “Donation Coupon” mechanism.


VOLUNTEERING NEEDS: in addition to fundraising tools, we also provide online tools to assist with the recruiting of volunteers for specific tasks/jobs announced publically. Click here for more information.


PRICING: Fees apply only for online PayPal donation payments. Controlley currently offers all online services free of charge.


SOCIAL CONTRIBUTION: the contribution of all users is publically acknowledged in different ways, always respecting one’s choice to remain anonymous when desired.


See also our Frequently Asked Questions.