“Donation Coupon” Payment Information


When sellers send out “donation coupons” to their customers through the online "SEND COUPON" button, they commit to make donations worth the total amount in coupons sent.
The payment process can take place after coupons are sent.
If customers fail to redeem their coupons before the expiry date, sellers will get the chance to do so themselves.
The payment process allows sellers to make as few payments as possible to causes of their choice.
For payment instructions for sellers click here.




Both people (coupon receivers) and donors (e.g.sellers) are given the chance to choose who will receive donations.
People vote: when people validate/redeem donation coupons, they get the chance to choose (i.e. vote) what cause (social project) they want to support with the money pledged by donors (sellers).
All votes by all users who redeem coupons determine how much money each project will receive.
Sellers pay: when sellers are ready to make payments, they are directed to a page that lists the total amounts each project has been voted to receive, and they select which projects they want to donate their money to. The amounts they can pay to the organizer of each project is restricted by both the people’s votes and other sellers’ payments (both of which determine the pending “unpaid” coupon amounts of each project at any given moment).
For accountability reasons, customers/users are able to view whether sellers have ended up making the donation payment corresponding to the redeemed coupons.