The tools we provide for making or receiving donations aim at making the process easier and more transparent for either the donor or the beneficiary.


Currently we offer two ways of making donations:

NOTE: Additional information for Beneficiaries about the bank payment option can be found here.


In either case, all transactions between donors and beneficiaries are transparently recorded in the users’ accounts, and donation receipts are issued. In addition, donation payments are made directly to the beneficiary’s account and are non-refundable; Dondated money does not pass through the hands of Controlley, which only provides the tools to facilitate this process.

Controlley does not charge any fees or take a commission on the donations made. Transactions fees apply only in the case of PayPal payments.




Direct Donations can be made to support:


The contribution of donors is publically reported on OUR DONORS page, as well as on both the beneficiary’s and donor’s profile pages.


The donor’s privacy is always respected, providing the option of remaining publically anonymous when desired.


For donations made by sellers who send Donation Coupons to their customers, you can find more information here.


More details of how to make donations can be found here.