To help you select the right "Main Category" of an Offer, here’s some information:

PRODUCTS: This is for any type of seller (individual or company) that wants to advertise either a) a specific product (e.g. BMX bicycle Model X, 5 years old) that will carry a specific price, or b) a more general (but still specific enough) type of products (e.g. BMX bicycles). In the examples given here, the seller will also need to select “bicycles” as a sub-category or products.

SERVICES: If you are offering some type of service (a specific or more general) you can select "SERVICES" as your Offer's Main Category, as well as one of the provided sub-categories: e.g. computer repair, hairdressing, etc. The described service may or may not carry a specific price.

(GENERAL) STORE OFFER: This Offer type is more suitable for supermarkets, department stores or other type of stores, where more general purchase offers will need to be advertised: e.g “For every 50 euro purchases you make at our store, we will donate 5 euro to a cause of your choice”. Restrictions may also apply in this case, such as when the seller may wish to exclude certain product categories. 

LOYALTY CARD: This offer is for those sellers that offer some type of loyalty card program in their store, which rewards buyers with loyalty points. In additional to redeeming these points with purchase vouchers, sellers may wish to give their customers the option to donate the money that corresponds to these points to a cause of the buyer’s choice. For more information on this please click here.


Here is also a QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE of creating your first Offer.
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