OFFLINE BANK PAYMENT PROCESS: Information for beneficiaries


Note: “Beneficiaries” are those receiving donations by people or other organizations. They can be registered non-governmental organizations or other civil society organized groups, schools, municipalities as well as social enterprises/business or social impact-driven startups.
The Offline Bank Payment process makes use of the more traditional bank deposit/transfer method of payment, familiar and trusted by the majority of people in Cyprus. Controlley does not charge any service or transaction fee for this type of payment option.
In summary, the process requires the following steps:
Below, we provide detailed information about what is expected from beneficiaries if they want to activate this payment option: 
  1. Activating the Offline Bank Payment option [REQUIRED]: To activate this payment option, beneficiaries will need to contact us at and provide the following information about each of the bank accounts they want to make available for receiving donations from donors. This information will be given to donors who make online donation pledges:
    • Bank name
    • Account owner name
    • Account number
    • IBAN.
  2. Activating a Payment Notification option [This step is recommended in order to ensure a faster verification process]:
    • First, donors will need to find out if their bank offers an automatic payment notification service. This means that every time beneficiaries receive a donation payment, a notification will be sent to them, such as through email or SMS.
    • Donors will then need to activate this service and specify through what means they want to be notified.
    • The unique Reference Code submitted by donors will help beneficiaries identify that a specific payment was made through the Controlley platform by a specific user for a specific cause.
    • NOTE: if an automatic notification service is not provided by a given bank, the beneficiary will be advised to check their bank’s account report as often as possible in order to “verify” the payments as described below.
  3. Verifying the donation payment [REQUIRED]:
    • Donors will first need to access their Dashboard by logging in to their Controlley account.
    • They can then select the "Payments" tab =>"Offline Pledge" subtab from their dashboard’s left menu and see the list of all pending offline donation pledges received. A Donation Pledge is essentially a donor’s intention to make a donation and not an actual payment.
    • If beneficiaries find a matching Reference Code through payments made to one of their bank accounts, they will need to press the “VERIFY” button next to the corresponding pledge report, type the correct amount donated and submit. (It’s ok if the pledged amount is different from the actual paid amount. The beneficiary will need to report the paid amount.)
    • The donation pledge report will be now marked as a “verified” donation payment and archived under the “Payments”/“History” page.
  4. Generating donation receipts [RECOMMENDED]
    • Beneficiaries can easily generate donation receipts for their donors by pressing the “GENERATE" link that will appear under the RECEIPT column next to each verified donation report on the Payments/History page.
    • The receipt will be automatically made available for download by the corresponding donor.
    • If beneficiaries wish to issue hand-written receipts or through their own electronic system, they can skip this step and send it directly to the donor.
    • For receipts generated through the Controlley platform, a sequential numbering is created, for each specific beneficiary separately.