The Conscious Trolley is a collaborative social change platform, bringing together and incentivizing people, NGOs/CSOs, companies and local authorities to join forces to crowdsource, crowdfund and implement common benefit social projects and campaigns.


At the heart of the platform is the offering of an alternative, more democratic fundraising-crowdfunding process for social causes. 


In the traditional philanthropic model, the unequal distribution of wealth of our times translates into an unequal distribution of power to decide how to change this world through donations to specific causes.


What we propose is an online crowd-voting process that grants people the democratic right to decide which social change projects deserve the most support from donations made by our “Conscious Donors” (those wishing to allow community people to decide how to be used). The voting power is distributed among the platform’s users in ways that maximize donor participation and incentivize citizen engagement and social responsibility.


We are particularly interested in promoting Social Projects that go beyond band-aid philanthropy and address root causes of social problems.


The primary means of distributing voting power is through the idea of “Donation Coupons” (explained here in detail)


Consistent with our belief in the importance of collective self-determination, we also intend to employ a similarly democratic and cooperative model for organizing the business aspect of the platform.


The platform is currently owned by TCT Controlley Ltd (HE342283), a private limited liability company (social enterprise) with two Cofounder-owners, but our goal is to gradually transition to a Cooperative, which will be collectively owned by its members.


Practically, this means that the platform will be democratically co-owned and controlled by all the interested parties (member-stakeholders) of the platform’s activities (community people, participating organizations/companies, employees, etc). This comes at a contrast to the traditional private business model, where a limited number of private investors/cofounders (owners) of the company get to decide both how to run the company and how to make use of potential profits.








Your personal space for social contribution activities


Organizing; Fundraising, Volunteering, Sharing ideas


Raising money through buying from conscious sellers


Democratizing fundraising


Corporate Social Responsibility in action








Our mission as a social enterprise is to encourage social responsibility both at the personal and organizational level.


Our purpose is driven by the desire to address the “crisis in consciousness” of our times, which has resulted in economic, environmental, political and social crises.


We consider the pursuit of profit at all costs as one of the root causes of this situation, as is the lack of awareness of its negative consequences to both individuals and society.


Equally problematic are the lack of incentives and collaboration mechanisms necessary in order to drive a renewal of civic engagement and social change.


Our goal is to encourage new ways of thinking and interacting with one another that are more people-centric and have proven to be of more lasting value to society and the planet we live in.