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We are a small Cypriot company (reg. no: HE342283) based in Limassol Cyprus.

Our overall objective is to bring together people, companies, non-profit organizations and other organized groups to solve pressing social problems by transforming socially responsible behavior into value.

Part of the main services we provide relate to facilitating the organizing, crowdsourcing and fundraising of projects and campaigns with strong social contribution. The tools we provide allow people and organizations to connect together and collaborate to make social change happen.

Central to our approach is the creation of a win-win-win scenario for participating entities: we provide a mechanism that allows socially responsible behavior to rise to the surface and become the example of others to follow. In the case of for-profit organizations (businesses), responsible behavior promoted through our platform is rewarded by our customer users, who support them by preferring their products and services.

The following terms aim to provide all the necessary rules that can effectively govern the interaction between our company and users/customers, on the one hand, and that among our different types of users, on the other.



While most of the content on our platform can be freely accessed through browsing, you will need to register and sign in in order to access certain type of content or be able to make specific actions.

Registration is free of charge. Any human being over 13 years of age can register for an account on our website and start enjoying our services. Those younger than 13 will need to be supervised by their parents or other adult to use the platform. Robots of any type are not allowed to use this site!

Currently there are three types of account, each accessing different online tools and services: one for individual persons, one for companies/brands/sellers and one for non-governmental organizations(NGOs) or other civil society organizations.

All newly processed registrations for an organizational account (NGO or Business/Company) are subject to approval by Controlley. We have the right to deny the approval of your account if we cannot verify that your organization is a legal entity or if the information you provide is misleading, inaccurate or even inadequate.

While people of any nationality can register a personal account, only citizens of the Republic of Cyprus can enjoy full participation benefits at the moment, given that most activities, projects and campaigns organized will be limited to the local area of Cyprus.

We are happy, however, to also accept requests by organizations (NGOs or companies) from countries other than Cyprus and discuss ways to assist them with various services we provide.

Our future plans to gradually make our platform and services available and relevant to any person or organization on this planet.

With your registration, you agree that:





By publishing Conscious Offers, sellers agree that:

In addition to the terms and conditions specified here by Controlley, buyers agree to also abide to all the terms and conditions that our partner sellers have relating to the supply of their goods and services. While not directly responsible, Controlley will do everything possible to resolve any issues or disputes that may arise between sellers and buyers.



By participating in campaigns in any way, users agree that:







Your privacy is of great importance to us and we will make every effort to protect it by providing tools that can give you control over who can see the content you post as well who can edit this content or pages you create. We also make every effort to keep our system as secure as possible to avoid malicious acts of stealing your privacy.

Keep in mind, however, that certain information you share in public spaces may be viewed by any registered user as well as by non-registered users. Also keep in mind that users will be able in certain cases to share with others content you post, or even download and save it on their computers.

We do not share or sell any personal or other information about you or the way you use our site to anyone, including the government or any private organization that shares information with the government. The only exception is when we are obliged to do so in response to a law order.

For more information about our privacy policy please visit the Privacy page.



Unless otherwise stated, all site content, including logos, layouts and designs, service features, graphics, software, URLs etc, are owned by Controlley, affiliated partners  or customers and cannot be used in any way without permission or in ways other than those stated by them.

You may use the Controlley logo and/or trademarks only for the purpose of promoting campaigns or offers created and posted on the Controlley platform. For all other purposes, you will need our permission to do so. You may not remove any copyright or trademark signs on any authorized copy of content you request from Controlley or third party owners. Controlley reserves the right to monitor at any time the use of its logo/trademark and refuse the permission of its use if any of the terms are violated or if it fails to align with the social mission of the platform.



Even though we try to keep our site as reliable, safe and secure as possible, the users agree to use our site at their own risk. We provide our service “as is” and “as available” without any promises for warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. In addition, we cannot guarantee that in the future problems may not arise, such as, but not limited to, errors, disruptions, delays and thefts of content/information/data by third parties, harm to your computer or loss/deletion of content arising from your own use of the site or from viruses, bugs or Trojan horses transmitted by third parties.



For any disputes you may have with Controlley, we encourage you to first contact us and try to resolve the issue informally.



For any further questions and support please feel free to contact us as info@controlley.com


Last updated: 30/06/2018