You privacy is very important to us and we make every effort to create the most secure experience possible by continuously improving our services.

Below, we outline our policy and practices relating to privacy when using our platform.


What information we collect.

  1. During registration.
    1. The username and password you choose for registration and sign in.
    2. The email you submit for account identification/verification.
  2. When creating a profile.
    1. The name of your company/brand or NGO/organization.
    2. The name submitted when creating individual person accounts.
    3. Your location or other personal information you may provide when completing your profile page (Confolio).
  3. During private communication with us.
    1. We may need/ask the following information about your organization for verification, communication or other purposes
      1. Registration number.
      2. TAX ID.
      3. Phone number.
      4. Bank or PayPal account information (for NGOs wishing to collect money)
      5. Your physical address.
    2. Messages you send us through electronic means.
  4. Coupon validations
    1. We take note of your coupon validations.


How we use your personal information.

  1. Your personal data is used by our system to allow you to register and sign in to your account.
  2. We may use your personal data in order to communicate with you when necessary, or to manage your account, funds, and content posted on behalf of you.
  3. We may also analyze user data to conduct research to improve our services.
  4. We also send newsletters to the email you submit when creating your account and/or when signing up for receiving our newsletter.
  5. However: We do not share or sell your personal data, or share your email with third parties. And we do not share any information you share with us during private communication, unless we have your approval.
  6. Nevertheless: When required by law, we may share information about our users to facilitate legal or other processes requested by the authorities.


What information is private.


Information shared with others:

  1. With public (including non-registered users).
    1. Any information you make available on your public Confolio page.
    2. Any Social Project you make public.
    3. Conscious Reports you publish on the platform.
    4. A company’s/seller’s total amount donated through donation coupons is shown on their profile page under Social Contribution.
    5. Any Conscious Offers you publish on the platform and distributed through social media or Controlley’s newsletter.
  2. With project creators.
    1. Volunteering requests: when a user clicks on the “volunteer” button on a project’s page, the name and email of that person is sent to the corresponding project organizer.
    2. Donation Coupon contributions: The seller’s name as well as the total number and value associated with all donation coupons validated to support the organizer’s project.
  3. With sellers
    1. The number, value and cause supported relating to validated donation coupons given out by a seller.



We do not use any user data for advertising purposes, either directly by us or by sharing data with third-party advertisers.



Our system may use cookies to improve your experience or enhance your security on the platform.  

If you are concerned about your use of cookies, keep also in mind that you can always control cookies through your browsing settings.


Third party services

We may use a number of third party services (i.e. Google Analytics) to improve your experience on the platform. The privacy terms of these third party services may apply in each case as well.



We have implemented security measures (through SSL encryption) intended to protect your personal data and privacy. We are also making every effort to continually improve the security of our platform and provide the best possible service to our users. However, since the internet is never a 100% secure environment, we cannot warrant the security of the information you provide to us.


Changes to our Privacy Policy

If we make significant changes to our privacy policy we will post a note of these changes to our website or notify you by email.


Deleting your account

If you wish to delete your account for whatever reason, please let us know (


Contact us

If you have any questions or suggestions about this Privacy Policy, or concerns about your privacy when using our platform please contact us (