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Birth Forward is an islandwide non-profit Organisation, which provides support and education around the important subject of birth.

The statistics on birth are far from what it should be on our island. Specifically the cesarean rate for Greek Cypriots is 52% instead of the recommended 15%, for turkish cypriots is even higher with  74 %. This puts us in the top three countries in the word!

Our mission is to connect the parents and health professionals to promotes Evidence Based Medical Practises and European Standards which are all supporting natural birth when possible.

We are the first organisation in Cyprus which bridges the whole spectrum from preconception to pregnancy to birth to early years of parenthood. Our goal is for parents and health professionals to be empowered, feel respected, supported and be able to make their own informed choices. We want every child to be born into this world getting the absolute best start in life.


Our Objectives are:

  • to create conditions that support women, men, families and professionals regarding conception, pregnancy, birth, parenting and health by raising respect, trust, knowledge and providing support.
  • to empower women in their innate ability to give birth, to empower chosen companions to be effective birth partners and, to empower professionals in their efforts to provide well balanced services by offering knowledge and information alongside psychological and emotional preparation for labor, breastfeeding and parenthood
  • to persuade trust in the natural process of birth and avoid unnecessary medical interventions by providing relevant information and emotional support to women and their partners
  • to remind women of their natural rights to experience a comfortable labor, to find comfortable labor positions, to protect their privacy and autonomy, and to assume a stance of an active participant in the birthing process in a suitable environment
  • to assist couples in making informed and engaged choices regarding conception, pregnancy, and birth based on the latest research and conscious use of technology and obstetric procedures as well as personal inclination
  • to support families to achieve and maintain well-being physically, emotionally and spiritually constantly to learn about topics relating to our practice, providing a space to network and as well as promoting cooperation between the public and private sector in order to establish best practice
  • to research the current environment in order to identify where change is needed and to lobby for change to follow European Recommendations and Rights
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We run regular support groups in different towns, provide information and support to women all over the island, through events, email or personal meetings.

Validated by an international academic board we provide educational flyers regarding evidence based practises all over the island.

Here are some voices of people we worked with:

“I am in the first trimester during my first pregnancy and I can in all honesty say that I feel secure for the long journey ahead. This is not because I know what to expect or because I don’t have moments of fear or because I have set for my partner and me the ideal pregnancy and birth environment where everything is beautifully planned and the road there is paved with roses. I can be calm, stable and creative (most of the time) because I have discovered the tools to help me get where I want. And these valuable tools I have been offered from Birth Forward Cyprus who is actively present, who is passionately working together with women to learn more from them and satisfy their needs, who works hard for a beautiful vision: to support women in their effort to gain back their power to give birth. Birth Forward Cyprus has answered all my questions, has shared it’s valuable experience for birthing on the island, has brought me in touch with professionals and has informed me about educational and other pregnancy and birth related initiatives which I wouldn't easily find out on my own. I am grateful, Birth Forward Cyprus, for supporting my effort to find my own way to my birth, for showing me the alternatives, for opening doors... Thank you! “ Christina

“Thanks you to the Birth Forward family for making me feel safe and free. From now on I know that when I need help for myself or my children or for anyone else there is always a helping hand and I feel very lucky to have so nice people around me.” Lale, mother of two

“Talking about my experience to other women was liberating: it was exactly what I needed to finally let go of the negative impact that my emergency c-section had on me. The psychologist’s suggestions and the midwife’s explanations were catalytic to this too. Highly recommended for all women who have given birth, in any way!”

“Attending a Revisiting Birth workshop was a very unique experience, as often birth is not talked about as an emotional journey but rather that an event that resulted in a healthy baby. Mother’s emotions, questions and thoughts are often left behind. It was helpful to have a specialist who gave a very clear explanation on why a mother may feel upset, unfulfilled or incomplete after birth of a baby, and give some advice on how this can be addressed and resolved further. Simple act of sharing creates sense of unity for all mothers present and gives them a knowledge to spread further and hopefully, make someone else’s experience fulfilling and joyful!”

“Due to the way my birth experience unfolded, I had a few lingering questions so I jumped at the chance of attending the Revisiting Birth workshop. The midwife offered possible explanations to my questions and I feel less confused about the events. I'm very grateful to Birth Forward for providing this avenue as I do feel that it helped me move on. It was also fascinating to hear the range of birth stories of others and I'd say the workshop would be beneficial to anyone having anything to do with birth (giving, about to give, assisting, supporting, standing next to, etc).”


By donating to Birth Forward you support couples to build their families on strong foundations based on conscious, informed choices with a supportive environment.

Donat directly through paypal.

Birth Forward is a registered Non-Government Organization in Cyprus since September 2015 (Nr. 4386).



As a member of Birth Forward, you will have the opportunity to…

  • Stand up for what you believe, make a difference and contribute to improving the quality of life in your community and the society in Cyprus at large.

  • Continuously acquire new knowledge and information about preconception, pregnancy, birth and parenting. -Share experiences and knowledge with others.

  • Use your creative skills, explore solutions to problems and respond to challenges.

  • Interact with a passionate, multicultural and diverse group of people.

  • Participate in volunteer trainings for our members.

  • Vote and if you wish be elected in the governing body of the organization, provided that you are a member for more than three months.

  • Our professional members can promote their subject relates services on our directory, publish at least one article in our ressources and get their events posted on our facebook site.

Yearly membership fee 20€. More info

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