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    Akti Project and Research Center

AKTI Project and Research Centre is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation based in Nicosia, Cyprus. It was established in 2000 by a group of experts in environmental issues and has succeeded today to create an extensive network of collaborators and volunteers for raising environmental awareness and promoting sustainable development.

Akti Project and Research Center is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO), located at Nicosia .

Akti is active in three main domains:


Environmental research and quality of life issues:

-Akti participates and submits proposals in research programmes funded by the European Union, the United Nations, WWF etc.

-Co-operates with foreign organisations and networks related to Environment

-Organises and participates in scientific meetings and conferences


Co-ordination and consulting in research activities of scientists, Non-Governmental Organisations and Local Authorities:

-Akti provides consulting and information to NGOs dealing with cultural activities, sports and environment, as well as to Local Authorities concerning European and other programmes and is participating in their implementation.

-Promotes, co-ordinates and participates in programmes dedicated to young scientists, in order to help them start a career after the completion of their studies.

-Supports local NGOs and individual partners in networking within the European Union


Information and training of citizens for the promotion of sustainable development:

-Akti owns a library specialised on environmental issues, quality of life and coastal zone management

-Disseminates information on environmental issues: through e-mails, by organising meetings and workshops, by publications in the local newspapers and by broadcastings in the electronic media.

-Participates in environmental training and awareness raising programmes.


For more information please contact Kyriaki Demetriou, Project Coordinator.

P.O.Box 14159, 2154 Nicosia
1, Kalliopis str and Larnaka avenue
2102 Aglantzia - Nicosia, Cyprus

Phone: +357 22458485 , Fax: +357 22458486

Email: akti@akti.org.cy

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Hub: the effective centre of an activity, region, or network


“The Hub” is the Cypriot Women’s Leadership Network(www.thehubcy.org) to provide opportunities for networking, engagement and advancement. The overall aim of the network is to become the hub, the reference and the supporting mechanism to boost Cypriot women leaders to become active participants in decision making at all levels: public, private and civil society sectors. ‘The Hub’ is established in 2015, designed and developed by AKTI Project and Research Centre, with the support of the US Department of State, under the program Global Women, Peace and Security Initiative. Visit our Facebook Page


”The Hub” is being created within a framework of a wider project. Read below about the project.


The Green Cluster

Green Cluster is a new initiative being developed by AKTI Project and Research Centre. It is a dynamic form of collaboration aiming to strengthen joint activities, to increase innovation, networking, trust building, business development and business environments.  The Green Cluster emerges from a need to bring together businesses with a common interest, the environment, in a collective that will promote business growth and extroversion, will allow access to funds and will encourage and support the creation of start-ups. Watch our Green Cluster video.


The Green Cluster aims to bring together individuals and companies working in the environment and green sector in Cyprus. The aim is to identify individuals that could both contribute and benefit from the creation of the Cluster, since it is envisioned that the Cluster will work symbiotically.


Crowd sourcing Branding Strategy Competition


AKTI Project and Research Centre and the Green Cluster calls for all Branding and Marketing experts and enthusiasts to take part in developing the Green Cluster branding strategy. Click on the competition announcement below to find out more and take part!!


MarLitCy: Marine Litter – Together for Clean Coasts!


MarLitCy is a 28 month long project, funded by EuropeAid Programme.


INTERACT: Inclusion Through Environmental Activities


The EU funded project ‘INTERACT’, focuses on social inclusion through environmental activities.


JUNIPERCY: Improving the conservation status of the priority habitat type 9560 in Cyprus


TIGANOKINISI: turning cooking oil into fuel


Turning a harmful waste, such as cooking oil, into biodiesel while promoting development and civic action


ARGONAFTIS Working Experience Programme


ARGONAFTIS is a 5 month in service training for young scientists in the field of environment. NOW OPEN for applications!


“Shop 06: Public Engagement Centre for Environmental Issues”


An urban intervention to encourage the public to learn about, and to actively participate, in Tiganokinisi.


 Coast Alert


The EU funded project Coast Alert: Acting Regionally in a European Context.


The World Climate Changes and We Care


Raise awareness among the youth of Cyprus to work for the protection of the global climate, ‘Youth in Action’ Prog.


Awareness raising measures for water saving


An island-wide initiative as a confidence-building measure under the auspices of the Environment Technical Committee.


Shape Project


Share and shape common European values on consumption lifestyles with a view to contribute to sustainable environmental development.




Training Mediterranean Local Authorities And Civil Organizations On Integrated Coastal Zone Management And Reaction To The Impacts Of Climate Changes


1, 2, 3…Action!


Discovering the “know- how” on Sub-actions 1.1, 1.2, & 1.3 is a Gantalcalá initiative, ‘Youth in Action’ Programme.


Youth in Action for Sustainable Living


Stimulate awareness among the youth of Cyprus on the importance of coastal environment, ‘Youth in Action’ Programme


Rare endemic plants within the Cyprus buffer zone


Cooperation for the conservation of rare endemic plants of Cyprus within the buffer zone


Perceptions On Sustainable Development And Climate Change In Cyprus


Survey conducted on the perceptions on sustainable development and climate change in Cyprus


Environmentally-Friendly Practices in Schools


Increase awareness on environmental issues and trigger environmental-friendly behavior.


Recycling on Cycles


Cooperation on solid waste management, including recycling through a mobile information centre


Network for a sustainable future


Promote effective partnership among CSOs in Cyprus and the Mediterranean, EU and other countries, on environmental issues, sustainable development and stakeholder participation processes.




Increase young people’s awareness and society in general on the environmental impact of transportation.


Building a sustainable and dynamic future


Develop AKTI’s human capacity and organisational structure to make the organization more a more effective CSO.


Water saving education program


Water saving: An integrated environmental education program for schools in South-East Europe


 Stay Healthy, Stop Mercury

“Stay Healthy, Stop Mercury” campaign which is aiming at raising awareness of a potential “child brain drain” as a result of environmental mercury pollution




World Environment Day Green Cities – Plan for the Planet!




A summer camp for the youth of Cyprus to learn, discuss and act upon a sustainable future for their island.


Natural Solutions for Agriculture in Cyprus


A bi-communal workshop on mycorrhizal technology in Cyprus


Education for Peace


Screening of school textbooks to identify historical myths that may encourage conflict across the communities in Cyprus while initiating dialogue among educators.


Promoting Organic Agriculture in Cyprus


Providing information to farmers and supporting the efforts for the promotion of organic agriculture in Cyprus


Inventory of Biodegradable Waste


Creating an inventory of the major sources of biodegradable waste in urban and rural areas of Cyprus


Promote Organic Agriculture among Cypriot Farmers


Promoting awareness-raising on organic agriculture among farmers across communities in Cyprus.




Utilizing ENVISwith a wide range of GIS applications allowing the experts and their departments across communities to produce a set of maps for the entire island of Cyprus.




Creating the website for the most natural coasts in Cyprus


Young Green Consumer


The Young Green- Consumer, the Citizen of Tomorrow


Green Cyclists and Excursionists


Raising awareness of cyclists and excursionists regarding the conservation and protection of the environment.




Water experts from both sides of the island cooperating through the use of a shared water database system called ENVIS (Environmental Information System).

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