• The Gifts of Love Shop.


    The Gifts of Love Shop.

"The Gifts of Love Shop” is a virtual gift shop, where all the money sent as gifts for various celebration events is donated to a cause of the celebrator’s choice.

The person or organization celebrating is given “donation coupons” worth the full (or other specified) amount sent as gifts to him or her to redeem on this platform and choose how to donate the money.

If you are celebrating an event and wish to raise money to support social causes, please contact us at info@controlley.com.

To make this possible:

  1. You will first need to ask your guests to bring you money gifts instead of presents. You can do so by publishing an Event Announcement/Invite to explain the details of your event and donation pledge.
  2. Once the event is over, we will give you “donation coupons” worth the full amount you raised from money gifts so that you can choose what Social Project(s) you wish to support with this money.
  3. The money will be given to the corresponding NGO(s) responsible for the Social Project(s) of your choice

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