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    Giving Circles Cyprus

The Idea of Giving Circles (or Collective Giving) is not new. It’s a well-established tradition of people pooling their resources and making joint decisions on how to spend it for maximum social impact.


Collective Giving, however, is not only about giving money. The idea is that while not everyone can contribute with donating money for social causes, each of us can contribute in our own unique way by joining efforts in a collective community of social contribution.


The Conscious Trolley is organizing the first Giving Circles community of Cyprus and invites everyone interested in contributing to social change to participate.


Find out about our first Giving Circles Challenge here: https://www.controlley.com/csr/the-giving-circles-challenge 



There are different levels of participation and ways of contributing in this community. You can choose any of the following at will.


1. Spread the word. Share with your friends any information about our Giving Circles initiative and help the community grow.


2. Raise Awareness. Share information and educational resources about the importance of participating in a collective community of giving and social change.


3. Cast your Vote. Become part of the Giving Circles community and receive a Donation Coupon to support a cause of your choice. Giving Circles donors donate the money; you choose how it will be spent.


4. Research Community Needs. Do your own research and tell us your opinion about what needs to be done to help the community overcome some of its most urgent challenges.


5. (Co-)Organize a Social Project. Whether you are an individual person, an NGO or other civil society group, you can co-organize Social Projects through the online tools of the Conscious Trolley platform.


6. Become a Giving Circles Donor. Donate money directly, or through a Conscious Offer or dBay ad.


7. Buy from our Conscious Sellers. Support one of our Conscious Sellers by buying one of their products or services, and receive a Donation Coupon to support a cause of your choice.

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