• Book: Soar on Raw


    Book: Soar on Raw

Possibly a publishing first for the world of recipe books, this ground-breaking book by Erini Loucaides is brimming with raw vegetarian recipes, luscious photography, nutritional information, tips, menus and shopping list. These are the recipes that helped Erini regain her vitality, figure and sparkle after successive pregnancies - and they can help anyone wishing to shine!

'Soar On Raw!' is a book that will be adored by anyone who loves healthy eating - even if they don't follow the raw food lifestyle.


‘Soar on Raw!’ Recipe Book

Beautiful. Divine. Rawcous!

Possibly a publishing first for both the cooked and the raw food world, ‘Soar or Raw!’ is a ground-breaking (and sky-breaking too if you consider  ‘Thor’s Raw Thunderbolt’) book.  Erini has created 100 unique recipes, each delightfully embroidered with a god or goddess from World Mythology.

At 196 pages, the book is also brimming with beautifully luscious photography, advice, tips, nutritional information, a weekly menu, buffet ideas and shopping lists to help you along.

In Erini’s own words, ‘These are the tasty and quick recipes that restored my vitality and figure after gaining 30 kilos in successive pregnancies.’

‘Soar On Raw!’ is a book that will be adored by those who love healthy eating, even if they don’t follow the raw food lifestyle.

Here is a summary of contents so you know what treasures await:

  • Introduction
  • The 100 Raw Food Mythology Recipes (Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asia, Australia, Polynesia, Africa, Caribbean, the Americas, North Europe)
  • Spinning the Recipes
  • Menu Planners (weekly menu, shopping list, buffet & children’s party ideas)
  • Raw Food Cyprus
  • Bibliography/Index

front-coversoar other side

Author: Erini Loucaides

Type:  Paperback, 196 pp, full colour , 150 pictures, 22cm X 22cm

ISBN: 9 -789963 -745401

Publisher: Raw Journeys


Author Erini L

Erini is the author of the ground-breaking (and sky-breaking if you consider Thor’s Raw Thunderbolt) recipe book, SOAR ON RAW!, which gloriously entwines over 100 deities from World Mythology with vibrant, fresh vegetarian ingredients. This concept may well be a publishing first for the cookbook –and raw- world.

As of November 2013, Erini will be joining the ‘The Mother Magazine’ team,  with her own regular column, showcasing her Raw Food Mythology recipes to subscribers in 40 countries. For the past 3 years she has also had a column in the online,  monthly Greek magazine ‘Prosopiki Evexia’, providing seasonal raw recipes every month.

Her mission is to show that you can still enjoying healthy, raw vegetarian food without having to follow the lifestyle rigidly. Erini gives people the advice, tips and tools so they can go forth, deciding how much raw food they wish to bring into their life at their own pace.

Erini also runs www.rawfoodcyprus.com  with passion, organising raw food workshops, talks and picnics in Cyprus. She adores creating easy and tasty recipes, spirit food, that puts a smile on people’s faces.

Although Erini Loucaides holds a degree in English Literature and adores the literary world, nothing catapults her to other stratospheres as much as raw food does.

Several years ago, she thought she couldn’t be both English teacher and raw food workshop leader, believing that she was serving two masters, but she soon awakened to the fact she was actually honouring one Great Mistress.

Born 23rd January with an Australian-Cypriot background, Erini felt that turning vegetarian at age 14 was healthy but a few years later, after reading the Diamond’s ‘Fit For Life’, she realised that there were good and bad vegetarians. She was evil!

It was in 2005, when Shazzie’s ‘Detox Your World’ was recommended to her, that Erini’s world shot out of orbit and fully spun into rawbit. Life was one voluptuous dance after that, albeit with some tripping and traipsing until she found her burgeoning rhythm.

For over fifteen years, she has also been co-running The Ecology Club at the private school where she teaches (American Academy Larnaca), focussing on both inner and outer ecology. This has involved visits to health and environmental centres, and many organic farms, including the Alternative Technology Centre in Wales as well as attending many ecological conferences, even as far as Nepal. Erini has also attended seminars and lectures by noted raw foodists like David Wolfe and has been advised by raw food authors, Karen Knowler and Gina Panayi.

Erini has undertaken several raw food courses such as the Ann Wigmore and Karen Knowler ones, but pregnancies, breastfeeding and raising children as naturally as possible, have been her most profound teachers; she has learned a great deal more about raw foodism and green living and, in many ways, softened her outlook – she feels you don’t have to be 100% raw to feel its wondrous effects.

Above all, Erini has learned that living a joyous life is the ultimate raw recipe – and the one that tastes the most delicious!


Keep up with Erini and the Deities on  Facebook/Erini Loucaides  and Facebook/Soaronraw

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